1.EAT ENOUGH PROTEIN..Your need of protein varies anywhere from 1 gram to about 2 grams per half a kilo of lean mass.Get them from chicken,egg whites,turkey,fish,milk.Protein powders can also be helpful.Not getting enough protein means falling into negative nitrogen balance(CATABOLIC STATE).shutterstock_120465325-628x4214

2.TAKE CARBS 30 MINUTES AFTER A WORKOUT. If we take in carbs (30-45 min. after training) when the body is depleted from training then your body stores twice as much glycogen. This window closes 45 minutes after training. It takes 50-100 grams of carbs to do the trick. If you miss this window you start breaking down muscle and do not replenish your body with stores of glycogen that give you energy for your workout tomorrow. Rice,pasta,potatoes or a piece of friut (banana) will do. Todays post-training sport drinks also do wonders.good-carbs-picture1

3.SLEEP ENOUGH AND TAKE NAPS. Get a minimun of 7-9 hours of quality sleep each night. This allows growth hormone production and normalizes cortisol levels. Taking a 20-30 minute afternoon nap will enhance recuperation and growth.sleep-important

4.EAT A PROTEIN MEAL 60-90 MINUTES AFTER TRAINING. We need to replace amino-acids lost during training, this is time when the body starts to repair and build new tissue. If you miss this meal you will fall in a catabolic state. Time is essential so take 20-50 grams of quality protein.chicken-Copy

5.TAKE BCAA. Branched-chain amino acids.Leucine,isoleucine and valine are broken down during a workout, so to prevent catabolic breakdown and save muscle take bcaa before and after training to supply the body with extra branched-chain amino acids at this critical point.rrtzrz

6.EAT SMALL MEALS. Eating 4-6 small meals a day will help maintain constant blood levels of sugars and amino acids for energy,glycogen storage and pozitive nitrogen balance.portion-control-small-frequent-meals-pyy

7.VARYING YOUR WORKOUTS. Cycle your training sets,reps,weights,rest time and intensity,to minimize overtraining and injury.imagesSMGVP4P9

-Catabolism- metabolic process in which complex molecules are broken down into simple ones with the release of energy; destructive metabolism sfsdf

-Anabolism-metabolic process in which complex molecules are synthesized from simpler ones with the storage of energy; constructive metabolism svdvsd


Workout #902 “Testosterone Booster”

“On earth’s fight on obesity, the fat and lazy people will be pursued by the Elite Master Trainer…Mike Batman Bencic…These are his workouts”! 

Testosterone booster.                    

– 2 min. Jump rope (sprint).                – 10x Barbell clean & press (70kg).    – 1 min. Jump rope (sprint).               – 10x Db bench press (45kg each arm).                                                             – Repeat 4-8 rounds

Eat well and try to boost your testosterone levels with this workout. Or maybe, to make it easy, you punks can take some fucking steroids..dummies


     “I love listening to lies when I know the truth”…a friend of mine.

  “Never lie to someone who trusts you, never trust someone who lies to you”…Scot Wilson

    “I don’t know what’s worst: people who lie, or people who think that I am stupid enough to believe their lies”…a very good friend of mine.


If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything.

Mark Twain


I’m not upset that you lied to me, I’m upset that from now on I can’t believe you.

Friedrich Nietzsche.                           

The reason I talk to myself is because I’m the only one whose answers I accept.

George Carlin

“Dogs are awesome, they don’t lie”…Mike

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Workout #900 “The Leg Destroyer”

“On earth’s fight on obesity, the fat and lazy people will be pursued by the Elite Master Trainer…Mike Batman Bencic…These are his workouts”! 

The Leg Destroyer.                          

1) 8 min. round.                                         – 5/5x  Kettlebell one leg deadlift.       – 5/5x Kettlebell side lunge.                 – 5/5x T- pushup.                                      Do as many as possible in 8 minutes.                                                       Rest 1 minute.

2) 8 min. round.                                       – 10/10x Kettlebell reverse lunge (pass kb inbetween legs).                      – 20x Kettlebell swings.                        – 20x Kettlebell squats.                          Do as many as possible in 8 minutes.                                                       Rest 1 minute.

3) 3×10 Kettlebell goblet squat.             Rest 1 minute

4) Trx- Pistols  1-10 pyramid.               Rest 2 minutes

5) Burpee battle- 10 minutes.               With partner, 15-20m apart. One performs 10 burpees, sprints to partner.Claps his hand then he/she does 10 burpees while you walk back to starting point. Keep it up for 10 minutes. Par with most burpees in 10 minutes wins.                                       Me and my burpee partner supergirl Pepi.

After this one, you will walk funny 17 days. At the club we love this pain. Some people are weird when it comes to after workout soreness. I once had a client call me everytime when he got sore from a workout and ask what should he do, why does it hurt and just went on and complained nonstop. I tried to explain the situation but it didn’t seam to work. He was kind of a mental pacient. So when he got a little sore, I would send him to a doctor. Anyway he finished seeing a shrink. Nowadays he regularly visits a witch that dries him off his money. The point, please don’t be scared of a little fucking muscle pain. That sort of pain is awesome. A girl once told me and compared the pain with falling in love.          

Vegetable of the month                         Broccoli      

           Broccoli nutrients.                                    

Broccoli health benefits.                        – Antioxidants.                                        – Combats cancer.                                  – Improves skin glow.                          – Eye protection.                                    – Reduces high blood pressure.          – Boosts Immunity.                               – Fights diabetis.                                     – Weight managment.                           – Bone health.                                           – Keeps heart healthy.                           – Prevents colds

Let me tell you something about broccoli. Im not a big fan of it but I fucking eat them because they are fucking healthy for you. When you eat them, don’t put some stinky cheese on them. Eat them cooked or steamed. Is that clear enough? And if you girls and boys want to reduce prostate cancer, eat the damm vegetable. Yes, I know a freakin lady who had a prostate. 


“Where I come from, being a hard man is being able to take a good beating and then get back up again and carry on fighting”. Mickey Rourke

“If one dream dies, dream another dream. If you get knocked down, get back up and go again”. Joel Osteen

“To keep the body in good health is a duty… otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear”. Buddha

“Rare as is true love, true friendship is rarer”. Jean de La Fontaine

“Trust is hard to come by. That’s why my circle is small and tight. I’m kind of funny about making new friends”. Eminem

“A cookie a day keeps the sadness away. An entire jar of cookies a day brings it back”...cookie monster

When someone asked me how did I first react to when they told me that I have cancer…..my response was “Fuck cancer”…and went to the gym and did 500 burpees.

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“12 Hours of Hell”


Whazup my friends? Another crazy event is behind us. Only a few weeks back we had the 24h swing challenge. I don’t think we totally recovered from it, but I couldn’t help it. I had this challenge in my head and I had to try it. The new challenge was 10 exercises. Each done for 1000 reps. We had a girl version too. These are the exercises.

Men version.                                               – Squats                                                       – Pushups.                                                 – Deadlift (60kg).                                     – Situps.                                                      – Chinups.                                                 – Dips.                                                         – Bench (60kg).                                       – Leg raises.                                               – Deadhang clean (40kg).                     – Squats (60kg)

Walter the Cobra and me

Woman version.                                      – Squats.                                                   – Pushups.                                                 – Kettlebell swings.                                – Situps.                                                    – Trx squats.                                              – Trx rows.                                               – Leg raises.                                              – Jumping jacks.                                      – Trx standing pushup.                         – Jump rope

Actually this is a 12h challenge. So, after 12 hours we stopped. We started at 10:00am until 22:00. Only two of us did the whole twelve hours. Me and Walter Terlovic. These are Walters scores

Not bad for a 56 year old. Let me explain the way I did the challenge. First, I started with squats. I did 4 sets of 250. This warmed me up. Then it was pushups, every minute I did 25 pushups, finishing in under 40 minutes. Next came, in my opinion, the toughest of the bunch…deadlift with 60kg. I paired the deadlift with situps. Doing 20 reps on the deadlift and then 20 situps. Going back and forth for about 3 fucking hours. My ass, legs and lower back were fried. My palms were on fire. Walter hit a major crisis after this one. His face was fucking grey. He looked like a ghost. He almost quit..but got his second wind later on. Anyway, next I went on and paired chinups and dips. Another hard combination. I  got 700 chinups and 700 dips, but somewhere in the middle, left to go do bench presses with 60 kg. For the bench I was doing sets of 20 and 25 reps. Got 1000 reps. By this point, I was pretty fried and if it wasn’t for the beautiful girls that participated in the event, I would’ve fallen asleep, they brought positive energy to the gym.Next it was leg raises, this was kind of a rest. Did sets of 50’s until I got 1000 reps. Last two exercises, deadhang clean (40kg) paired with squats (60kg). On both exercises i was doing 20 reps. Went back and forth. Only managed to get 300 and 300 reps. Time was up. Today I feel every fucking part of my body. I just got a text message from one of the girls. I quote, she wrote: I have the soreness of my life, can’t allow myself to sneeze. Thank you very fucking much :-). I know what she means. Somebody asked me, why do you do these things? I said, because nobody else does. So if you want to challenge yourself physically, mentally and emotionally try my challenge. You will come out of it stronger or you will finish at the emergency room. I got to mention a few names that did great.

Dajana the Joker, Renata, Petra, Ivana, Samanta, Zlatko the Cobra and Mario Nesty that ate everything. Proud of all of them. 

Once again fruit of the event was dried figs (for energy). 


Never, never, never give up. Winston Churchill

Survival can be summed up in three words – never give up. That’s the heart of it really. Just keep trying. Bear Grylls

You should never give up your inner self. Clint Eastwood

It’s ok to tapout occasionally….Michael Bencic

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“10,000 Swings in 24h”

Start: 26.08.16 (22:00).                         Finish: 27.08.16 (22:00)

First of all, let’s get something straight. Why is it called Mike’s 24h swing challenge..Well as far as I know, didn’t see it on the net, never heard of it. I made it up and I named it after me. Nevertheless, we made it happen. So now that it’s done, I can give some feedback. Not too many people attended. Mostly people from my club (Vale Tudo Pula). We had a cameraman (Zlaja) and my loyal rep and set counter (Mario Nesty). He also kept me company when I was alone. So nobody actually finished the whole thing except me. Now I know why. Being awake for fucking, not 24h, but for 37h….the event was 24h starting at 22:00 on Friday. Friday morning I woke up at 7:00 and went to work at the gym with my clients. The event finished at 22:00 on Saturday. So just being awake for 37h is fucking terrible. Let’s start with what I had with me: 20 liters of water, 6 liters of bcaa, 4 protein shakes, 2 protein bars, 3kg of meat, bananas, grapes , walnuts, brazillian nuts and dried figs. I drank 20 liters of water and I drank the 6 liters of bcaa. I just had 1 chcken breast. Ate all the grapes. Drank 2 protein shakes. My main source of energy were the figs on which I snacked the whole time. I had a tone of dried clothes. People would come and go, do 2,3 hours and leave. Some came back to get in some more swings, some never came back…the longest that stayed was a girl (Petra supergirl Liovic) 

 13h in which she got 6400 swings with 16g. Thats about 102,400kg. Some others did good to. I got my aimed 10,000 swings in 23h. Thats 257,400 kg. I used 32, 28 and 24kg 

kettlebells. Each hour we would start a set of 350-500 swings. So we worked around half an hour and rested half an hour. The tempature during the day was around 32 and at night 23. Humidity was high around 70. Each hour ,or set, I was soaked in sweat. After 5 hours, calluses did not help either.                                                 

The worst part was, when I was alone, from 6:30 in the morning to 11:00 in the morning. Those few hours were fucking tough. At one point our cameraman Zlaja said that he has to go home to charge his phone and that he will be back quick, never saw him again. Even though I had music playing and my rep and set counter there(he was sleeping, that bastard)

 there was a silence. I was swinging alone and I was kinda sleepy.

 Actually that half hour rest was killing me. It was getting hard to get up after that rest. Anyways, It would have been easier if there was a bunch of us doing the whole thing together. The feeling was like floating in the middle of the pacific ocean in the middle of the night. Think I’m exaggerating? 

Maybe a little. Around 11:30 am people started showing up. That’s when I got my second wind. Mario said that I looked like I reseted and that I could have got another 12 hours in.

 The clock stopped at 23h because I got my 10,000 reps. Last hour we took no rest, kept swinging. 

Somebody asked if I felt any pain? Grip pain was the worst, then forearms, biceps, trapezius, lower back, ass and legs.

Second question, how long before you went to workout after the event?..Next day at 20:00 I did a workout, then the next morning….etc. 

Third question: are you crazy?..I’ll answer that question after my next event. “The 24h Burpee challenge”

Mike’s 24h swing challenge will be our anual year challenge. Hope to see more of you next year. Be prepared to test yourself physically, mentally and emotionally. 

The strong ones that can say they were at the event: Petra,Vanesa, Renata, Valter and Ana, Sammy, Ivana, Ana, Zrme, Vedran, Zlaja and Mario. Good job.

Figs , the fruit that helped.

Dried figs health benefits.

I’ve got two words for you….eat them!! No,no, fucking eat them!!!


Qoutes from the event.

“I got calluses on my hand from just watching  you swing 10,000 times”…Mario

“Can I come at 5 in the morning?”…somebody who never showed up…Dean J.

“This is pretty easy”..a guy that swinged for 20min….Vedran V.

“After the event, I’m going to a concert”….Petra L….she couldn’t stand on her feet.

How do you feel Mike? “The question is how do you feel?”
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Workout #830 “Friday Bullet”

Workout #830

Workout A.   8:00 am.                            – 1 min. Jump rope (over 160 turns).  – 1x Deadlift/ 1x Deadhang clean/ 1x C&P…same weight and try to hold  the barbell the whole time. I used 75 kg.                                                             – 1 min. Jump rope.                                 – 2x Deadlift/2x Deadhang clean/2x C&P.                                                              – 1 min. Jump rope.                                 – 3x/3x/3x.                                                   – 1 min. Jump rope.                                 – 4x/4x/4x.                                                 – 1 min. Jump rope.                                 – 5x/5x/5x.                                                   – 1 min. Jump rope.                                – 6x/6x/6x.                                                 – 1 min. Jump rope.                                 – 7x/7x/7x                                                  – 1 min. Jump rope.                                 – 8x/8x/8x  

 – 1 min. Jump rope.                                 – 9x/9x/9x.                                                – 1 min. Jump rope.                               – 10x/10x/10x…

You get the point, from 1-10 and hold one minute jumping rope. This post may show up all fucked up. Hope you get it. I wrote this one on my cellphone on a bus in India. Sorry.

Move from one exercise to another with no rest. Feel strong? Try this one!

Workout B.  20:00 pm.                            – 10x Navy seal pushup.                        – 15m Bear walk.                                     – 10x Knee hugs.                                      – Jog back to starting point and repeat for 10-20 rounds, I did 20 rounds.


‘What should I eat after a workout?’  

  First of all, what is your goal? To lose weight, to build muscle, get stronger..etc. How much do you weigh? Nevertheless you will need around 20-40 grams of protein consumed under half an hour after the workout. If you need your carbs for strength then take 40-80 grams in under 90 minutes of the workout. It also depends what time it is. Let say that Joe finished his workout at 22:00 pm and that he wants to get ripped. Then Joe will eat a chicken breast or turkey breast on the grill. Maybe just a whey protein shake mixed with water. Then you have Marc and Jill that who just want to be strong but love to fucking eat..Well you can’t stop them because no matter what, they are going to fucking burger king!


If you argue with an idiot, after a while it is hard to tell who the real idiot is….John Cmaric

The wisest of people in this world are those that admit when they are wrong
Henry Guzenstone

Never challenge an old man, because if you lose, you’ve lost to an old man, and if you win, so what?
Kin Jamagucci

“Keep your negative vibe, the fuck away from me!”…..Robert De Niro and Michael Bencic

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